Part One: Follow the adventures of a young boy, Luke Ayres growing up on a farm in southern Natal barely aware of a country divided along racial lines.

Part Two: Luke falls in love, has a short but tumultuous university career and goes into the army. As a section leader in an infantry company, he sees action in South West Africa and Angola. He loses friends in combat, but more sinister forces break his heart back home.

Part Three: Ten years have passed. Nelson Mandela is released; Apartheid is in its violent death throes. Luke Ayres embraces marriage and fatherhood; South Africa embraces democracy. Criminality replaces repression. Luke fears he may lose all he holds dear again. The final denouement is Ayres’ confrontation of the two men, from polar ideologies that have impacted so harshly on his life.

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Dodging Cows is also available in the following books stores:
Bookworld, Cascades Centre, Pietermaritzburg
The Lazy Lizard, Greendale Centre, Howick
Lemon Tree Bistro, Underberg
Pages, Nottingham Road
Scribbles, Field Centre, Kloof
The Book Boutique, Amanzimtoti

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